A Multiple Mailbox Help Desk

Manage all your inbound and outbound email communication from HappyFox helpdesk.

Multiple Inbox Helpdesk

Your company might have more than one email address that customers send out emails to, such as a dedicated email for support, one for sales queries, and maybe one for job openings. Usually, some employees might need access to all these email address and thus would have to keep switching from one to the other. This makes things very difficult while handling multi mailboxes. Using HappyFox categories, you can assign multiple mailboxes on your helpdesk and access all email inboxes through a single helpdesk. Both your incoming and outgoing emails can be configured such that your customers don’t get confused.

CRM customer contact information on help desk
salesforce crm HappyFox help desk integration

Outgoing Emails to Customers

Don’t intimidate your customers with an alien software to answer their emails. When you set up multiple mailboxes on HappyFox, you can ensure that your reply is sent from the same email id that the customers initially mailed to. They will receive an email the usual way, and therefore will have no idea that you are using a software to handle their support requests.

Right man for the right job

HappyFox allows you to not only neatly organize your multiple mailbox helpdesk, it also lets you assign tickets only to those in your team that have access to that specific email mailbox. This way, you can setup in such a way that your support team has access to only the support related tickets and the HR team has access to only the job opening responses.