Handle Your Team Inbox Efficiently

Organize, collaborate, reply, and measure your high volume emails, which clutter your shared mailboxes. You may be using Gmail, Outlook or any other email client to manage your team email. With HappyFox Help Desk you can streamline all your shared emails into a single efficient system for your whole team.

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Works for all Departments

Route all your shared mailboxes such as customerservice@, hrsupport@, accountpayables@, helpdesk@, etc. to HappyFox. Use Categories to distribute the workload across your team members and to improve team collaboration. With HappyFox, you can manage client communication, share information with internal notes, perform project management, customer support, and so much more.

Ticket Queues

With HappyFox ticketing system you can queue up your shared inbox email threads and resolve them in an orderly fashion. Improve team efficiency and response time. Improve team performance and customer satisfaction from a single place.

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Effective Team Collaboration

Inbox zero takes a team effort! Use private notes to communicate internally. Add tasks and due dates to stay organized and maximize your team performance.

Customer Quote

"One of my key clients is now receiving 95% of support tickets being responded to within 2 hours. They are impressed! This is something I have not been able to demonstrate before."

James Powell,
Director, FatCatIT

Clear Ownership

Assign group email accounts to the right agent automatically and never miss an email. Add subscribers to a ticket and keep the right people informed in real-time.

Collision Detection

See which team member is viewing and replying to a ticket proactively and avoid ticket collision. With Collision Alerts, HappyFox Help Desk reactively alerts you if another agent replied before your response.

Automate your Shared Inbox

Create canned actions for common issues and clear your ticket queue with a few clicks. Add smart rules to automate common actions and reduce repetitive and unnecessary work. Spend less time managing your shared inbox and more on improving customer satisfaction.

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