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Customer service desk software for internal and customer support management

When a large volume of service requests and incidents flow in,
managing them effectively and timely requires a central help desk.
HappyFox Service Desk Software provides a central point of communication
for all IT Service Management issues.

Assigning tickets to the appropriate users and departments helped funnel an otherwise unwieldy ticket pile.

Joe Runciman,
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Help Desk ManagementHappyFox provides categories for your tickets to be grouped. Whether they be incidents or service requests, you can categorize these tickets under their respective categories, which will enable easy assignment of tickets. Community Forum for enabling discussionsCustomers can engage in healthy discussions about new changes, issues etc on the community forum. Customers can help one another by sharing issue resolutions, useful insight etc. This increases customer engagement and also helps build good brand loyalty. Let customers help themselves with Knowledge base and FAQA Service Desk does not just deliver IT services via support. It should empower customers to help themselves. With the Knowledge base on HappyFox Service Desk, you can provide useful articles and FAQ sections to your customers for them to help themselves without needing the inputs of your support staff. Incident ManagementCreate a successful service delivery model with the help of HappyFox Service Desk software. Incident management lets you organize all your incidents, assign them based on complexity and urgency and build a strong system that eliminates incident tickets and their recurrence.
Intuitive self-service portalCustomers no longer need to depend on your support staff for ticket submission, status updates etc. With the Support Center on HappyFox Service Desk Software, your customers can submit their own tickets in minutes, log in and check status and even reply on tickets with effortless ease. SLA ManagementSLAs help define consistent and efficient service delivery. HappyFox SLA management is perfect for a SaaS help desk as it helps keep check on various areas like First response time, resolution time, replies and assignment. Thus, you can ensure issues are never delayed and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Improve service with customizable reportsWith a help desk solution like HappyFox, you can get metrics on staff performance and ticket inflow using help desk reports that you can customize based on your requirement. This will help you understand problem areas and tackle critical pain points for both staff and customers. Make the most of useful integrationsHappyFox help desk integrations include CRMs, Invoicing apps, live chat providers and survey tools for you to add different dimensions for your work and provide a holistic growth to your support process.

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Over and above all this, HappyFox is entirely mobile responsive for your staff to do work
on the go and for your customers to find solutions and track tickets wherever they are.

Ensure customer engagement and build relationships with them
Ensure customer engagement and build relationships with them
Improve customer satisfaction and trigger faster growth`
Improve customer satisfaction and trigger faster growth`
Eliminate problem areas and ensure smooth and seamless work
Eliminate problem areas and ensure smooth and seamless work
Gather useful metrics to refine support
Gather useful metrics to refine support
Customer support made easy

Take a look at how an Industrial Equipment company
managed all their email communication with no hassles,
using HappyFox email support software.