Top 10 Support Ticket Software Solutions 2024


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April 23, 2024

Drowning in email threads and relying on homegrown solutions to manage customer support enquiries? As your company scales, these makeshift systems simply won't keep pace as your needs outgrow their limitations. Your growing team needs a support ticket system that scales with you – one that prioritizes clean organization, automates repetitive tasks, integrates with your essential business software and provides real-time reporting.

In today's experience-driven landscape, exceptional customer support is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. Whether you're managing external customer requests or internal employee needs, a robust, out-of-the-box support ticket software is an absolute must-have.

Choosing the perfect ticketing system can feel overwhelming, so we've compiled a comprehensive list of the best support ticket software options for 2024. We've meticulously assessed key features, pricing, and user reviews to present you with a shortlist that helps you with your decision-making.

Key considerations when choosing a support ticket software
Omnichannel Support:

You need a system that lets you respond to inquiries seamlessly across email, chat, social media, and phone. No more juggling different platforms – look for a single platform for handling omnichannel requests.

Self-Service Options:

Enable your customers to find answers on their own with a robust knowledge base that contains step-by-step instructions for solving everyday questions. Your staff can also access internal knowledge base articles to stay up-to-date. This helps deflect tickets and frees up your agents to handle more complex issues.


Automate everyday repetitive tasks to save your team valuable time. Look for features like auto assignment, escalations based on your SLA’s, templated responses to common inquiries, ticket workflow updates based on event or time-based triggers, and notifications for overdue tickets to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.


Choose a ticketing system that integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM, project management, payment, and other platforms. This eliminates data silos, and fosters collaboration across departments.


Ensure you have the ability to make data-driven decisions with real-time insights into your support performance. You need to track support metrics around ticket volumes, agent performance, response times, SLA breaches and CSAT scores to identify areas for improvement and optimize your support strategy.

Ease of use:

Both your agents and customers deserve a system that's easy to navigate. Look for a platform with a clean interface, intuitive features, and user-friendly design to ensure a smooth experience for everyone involved.

Top 10 Support Ticket Software




HappyFox Help Desk stands out in the support ticket software category by combining its comprehensive helpdesk ticketing capabilities with the platform's signature ease-of-use and intuitive design. Serving over 2,000 organizations across 70+ countries, HappyFox Help Desk is versatile enough to cater to a wide variety of teams and industries, making it a top choice for businesses seeking to optimize their customer support operations.

HappyFox Help Desk ticketing system enables you to offer omnichannel support, centralizes all your incoming requests and puts you in control. You can sort and route incoming tickets based on categories, organize and prioritize your tickets with custom statuses and queues, and track all conversations and actions in one place with ticket threads.

Moreover, HappyFox Help Desk simplifies your support workflows with various automation and customization options, allowing for a highly efficient and tailored customer support experience.

Key Features

  • Omnichannel ticketing:

    Converts requests from email, web, phone, chat, and social channels into tickets.

  • Knowledge base:

    Set up a fully customizable support centre and offer rich KB resources that are easy to create, search and share.

  • Automations:

    Get a wide variety of options including smart automations based on time and event triggers, canned actions (macros), SLA management, tasks & ticket templates, auto assignment, ticket scheduling, agent scripts and CSAT surveys.

  • Collaboration:

    Ticket threads with private note and agent collision detection functionalities allows for better collaboration.

  • Integrations:

    HappyFox Help Desk integrates with over 50 popular SaaS applications across CRM project management, accounting, SSO, marketing and many other categories.

  • Reporting:

    Get ready-to-use advanced reports around ticket inflow, distribution, agent activity, performance, SLA’s, automations and customers.

  • Multi Brand Help Desk:

    Centrally manage multiple brands under one help desk. Personalize each brand’s customer support portal, forum, and knowledge base with exclusive branding, logos, and content structures.


  1. Easy to configure and use for support agents
  2. Intuitive UI with easy navigation
  3. Automation and customization capabilities
  4. Pre-built reporting
  5. Perfect for high ticket volumes and complex use cases
  6. Easy agent training with HappyFox university and on-demand support


  1. Minimum 5 user requirement, no free tier but offers a 14 day free trial
Mighty $29 /agent/month
Fantastic $49 /agent/month
Enterprise $69 /agent/month
Enterprise Plus $89 /agent/month

If you need a ticketing system for customer support and collaborative email, HappyFox is the best there is!

Michael Ihns

President, Improved Racing




Zendesk Support is a well-known and widely used ticketing system that aggregates tickets from multiple support channels. Catering to businesses of all sizes, it delivers a robust ticketing system that simplifies interactions between customers and support teams through streamlined processes and effective communication tools. It provides advanced reporting capabilities that will help you make informed decisions about how to tackle support bottlenecks that impact service operations. It also has a powerful automation suite with time-based and condition-based triggers.

Key Features

  • Omnichannel support: email, chat, social media, phone

  • Self-service options: knowledge base, community forums

  • Ticketing with automations, routing, and SLA management

  • Reporting and analytics for data-driven decisions

  • Agent collaboration tools and training resources


  1. Scalable and customizable platform for growing businesses
  2. Powerful automation capabilities to streamline workflows
  3. Comprehensive reporting and analytics for insights
  4. Large app marketplace for extensibility


  1. Customer service is frequently described as non-existent and slow
  2. Pricing can be complex for larger teams with additional features
  3. UI is considered cluttered, making customization and navigation challenging
  4. Steeper learning curve compared to some simpler options
Suite Team $55 /user/month
Suite Growth $89 /user/month
Suite Pro $115 /user/month
Suite Enterprise contact sales



Freshdesk makes customer support accessible and efficient with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive toolset. Designed to meet the demands of both small businesses and large enterprises, it enhances customer interactions through automation, self-service options, and multi-channel support, ensuring that every customer query is addressed promptly and effectively.

Key Features

  • Unified ticketing system that converts requests from email, web, phone, chat, messaging, and social into tickets.

  • Self-service options with knowledge base and community forums

  • Automates ticket assignment, prioritizes tickets, and offers agent assist features along with canned responses to streamline the support process

  • Enhances team collaboration by allowing agents to work together efficiently on ticket resolution

  • Offers predictive capabilities to forecast incoming ticket volume, first response time, and resolution time metrics based on historical data

  • Provides comprehensive reporting and analytics


  1. User-friendly interface with easy onboarding and use
  2. Extensive integration options
  3. Scalability for businesses of all sizes
  4. Strong mobile app for agent flexibility


  1. Customization options may be limited compared to some competitors
  2. Reporting features may not be as advanced for complex needs
  3. Can be slow, with ticket loading times and latency occasionally impacting efficiency
  4. Contact management and search functionality considered sub-par
Free plan ~
Growth $15 /user/month
Pro $49 /user/month
Enterprise $69 /user/month

Help Scout


Help Scout focuses on providing a more personal customer support experience. With its emphasis on simplicity and effectiveness, it offers support teams the tools they need to build better relationships with customers, including customizable support options and detailed insights into customer needs. It focuses on shared inboxes and team collaboration, fostering a more personal approach to customer support. Help Scout is a great choice for businesses looking to provide a human touch.

Key Features

  • Shared inboxes for collaborative support

  • Conversational ticketing with threaded conversations

  • Built-in live chat and email functionality

  • Customer satisfaction surveys and feedback tools

  • Knowledge base creation and management


  1. Shared inbox model fosters teamwork and collaboration
  2. Conversational ticketing creates a more natural flow of communication
  3. Built-in live chat and email simplify support channels
  4. Focus on customer satisfaction through surveys and feedback


  1. Limited automation and workflow customization compared to some options
  2. May not be ideal for complex ticketing needs with high volume
Standard $20 /user/month
Plus $40 /user/month
Pro $65 /user/month

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Hiver transforms Gmail into a powerful customer support hub, enabling teams to manage shared inboxes without leaving their familiar workspace. It's designed for teams looking for a straightforward, efficient way to handle customer emails, offering collaboration tools and analytics to improve response times and service quality.

This collaborative email ticketing system leverages your existing email infrastructure while offering advanced features for managing customer inquiries. Hiver is a great choice for teams already comfortable with email workflows.

Key Features

  • Collaborative ticketing with shared inboxes and agent assignment

  • Automated email routing and prioritization

  • Canned responses and email templates for faster replies

  • Internal notes and communication within threads

  • Reporting and analytics on team performance and ticket resolution


  1. Seamless integration with existing email workflows
  2. Collaborative ticketing fosters teamwork and shared ownership
  3. Affordable pricing based on team size
  4. Easy to learn and use with minimal training needed


  1. Limited self-service options compared to some platforms
  2. May not be ideal for complex support needs with high volume
  3. Limited reporting and analytics functionality
Lite $15 /user/month
Pro $49 /user/month
Elite $79 /user/month



This comprehensive IT help desk solution caters specifically to the needs of IT teams. Spiceworks support ticket software offers ticketing via email, through the self-service portal, or in the agent user interface. Advanced features include ticket collaboration, ticket auto-assignment, and the ability to add custom fields on tickets. Spiceworks offers an editable customer portal where customers can submit tickets, track their progress, and view help articles.

Key Features

  • IT asset management and tracking

  • Network monitoring and alerting for proactive problem identification

  • Self-service portal for end-user troubleshooting

  • Reporting and analytics for IT team performance


  1. Feature-rich platform tailored for IT support needs
  2. Asset management simplifies device tracking and maintenance
  3. Network monitoring allows for proactive issue identification
  4. Free and open-source version available with paid plans for additional features


  1. Steeper learning curve compared to some simpler options
  2. Primarily focused on IT support, might not be suitable for general customer service needs
  3. Free version has limited functionalities
Free ~
There are no agent limits, and no charges for hosting, storage, support, or for adding multiple locations. It is available as both cloud-based and on-premises variants.

Live Agent


Live Agent is all about bringing speed and efficiency to customer support operations. It combines ticket management, live chat, and a knowledge base in one platform, enabling businesses to deliver fast and personalized support across various channels. Live Agent is a great choice for situations where real-time communication is crucial.

Key Features

  • Live chat functionality with customizable chat widgets

  • Chat routing and agent assignment based on availability and skills

  • Chat history and transcripts for future reference

  • Pre-chat surveys for better visitor understanding

  • Reporting and analytics on chat performance and agent activity


  1. Real-time chat support fosters immediate customer interaction
  2. Chat routing ensures efficient agent assignment
  3. Pre-chat surveys provide valuable customer context
  4. Affordable pricing plans for businesses of all sizes


  1. Limited ticketing functionality compared to some platforms
  2. Not ideal for handling complex support inquiries
  3. Relies heavily on real-time availability of agents
Small $9 /agent/month
Medium $29 /agent/month
Large $49 /agent/month
Enterprise $69 /agent/month

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Front revolutionizes email management for customer support by turning emails into tickets. This approach allows for better organization, collaboration, and tracking of customer interactions, making it ideal for teams that rely heavily on email for support.

Key Features

  • Unified inbox for managing email, chat, and SMS conversations

  • Shared inboxes and team collaboration features

  • Internal notes and annotations for collaborative communication

  • Integrations with various CRMs and productivity tools

  • Reporting and analytics on team performance and communication metrics


  1. No context switching and streamlined workflows
  2. Better collaboration and knowledge sharing
  3. Integrates seamlessly with various business tools
  4. User-friendly interface with easy onboarding and use


  1. Limited ticketing functionality compared to dedicated helpdesk platforms
  2. Pricing can become expensive for larger teams with multiple features
  3. May not be ideal for highly technical support needs
Growth $59 /seat/month
Scale $99 /seat/month
Premier $229 /seat/month

Zoho Desk


Zoho Desk's focus on automation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction makes it a robust solution. It supports handling customer queries from various channels, including phone, email, live chat, SMS text, and social media, in a unified platform. With its focus on enhancing the customer service experience, Zoho Desk provides tools to automate service processes, distribute tickets intelligently, and analyze performance for continuous improvement. Zoho Desk is a great choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive and budget-friendly customer support solution.

Key Features

  • Multichannel support over phone, email, live chat, SMS, and social media from a single interface

  • Automatically assign tickets to agents based on their department, team, or individual expertise

  • Self-service options including knowledge base and community forums

  • Enable agents to collaborate internally with context

  • Route calls to agents familiar with the customer to maintain consistency

  • Reporting and analytics with customizable dashboards


  1. Scalable and affordable solution for growing businesses
  2. Comprehensive set of features for managing customer support needs
  3. Built-in self-service options for customer self-resolution
  4. Inventory management functionalities for ecommerce businesses


  1. Customization in Zoho Desk can feel overwhelming due to its extensive options
  2. User interface for the Admin is cumbersome, not very intuitive and requires additional support to navigate
  3. Some features may be complex to set up
  4. Limited customization options in lower-tier plans
  5. Setting up Zoho Desk and migrating data can be time-consuming due to its complexity
Free ~
Standard $14 /user/month
Professional $23 /user/month
Enterprise $40 /user/month



Kayako is dedicated to helping businesses deliver a unified customer support experience across multiple channels. It stands out with its emphasis on customer journey tracking and engagement, providing teams with the insights they need to offer support that's both proactive and personalized.

Key Features

  • Context-driven Support:

    Understand customer journeys for personalized service.

  • Omnichannel Support:

    Manage inquiries across all channels seamlessly.

  • Self-Service Options:

    Empower customers with a knowledge base and automations.

  • Automations & Workflows:

    Streamline tasks and improve agent efficiency.


  1. Personalized Support & Efficient Workflows
  2. Omnichannel Communication
  3. Self-Service Options & Automation
  4. Data-Driven Decisions


  1. Potentially Higher Pricing
  2. Steeper Learning Curve
Inbox $15 /user/month
Growth $30 /user/month
Scale $60 /user/month

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Frequently asked questions

Look for features like:

  • Omnichannel support (email, chat, social media, phone)

  • Self-service options (knowledge base, FAQs)

  • Automation capabilities (auto-assignment, escalations, canned responses)

  • Integrations (CRM, project management, etc.)

  • Reporting and analytics (track metrics, identify areas for improvement)

  • Ease of use (clean interface, intuitive features)

Pricing varies depending on features, number of users, and support plans. HappyFox ticketing system starts from $29/agent/month. This guide includes information about pricing structures for each software option. Generally, expect costs to range from freemium plans for basic needs to tiered pricing for advanced features and larger teams.

Support ticket software offers numerous benefits including:

  • Increased efficiency (streamlined workflows, automated tasks)

  • Improved customer experience (faster response times, omnichannel communication)

  • Enhanced team collaboration (shared inboxes, internal knowledge base)

  • Data-driven decision making (real-time insights, performance metrics)

  • Reduced costs (improved agent productivity, decreased ticket volume)

There isn't a one-size-fits-all answer, but here's a breakdown to help you decide:

  • Cloud-based: Easier setup, automatic updates, accessible from anywhere with internet. Potential downsides include reliance on internet connectivity and security concerns.

  • On-premise: Offers more control over data security and customization. Requires IT expertise for setup and maintenance.

Many support ticket software options offer migration tools or services to help you seamlessly transfer your data (tickets, customer information, etc.) from your current system. Consider asking shortlisted vendors about their migration support during the evaluation process. HappyFox offers migration from all popular help desk alternatives.


From drowning in tickets to delivering exceptional customer support, the journey starts here. In selecting the perfect support ticket software, it's crucial to find a solution that aligns with your business's growing demands and enhances your team's efficiency. This list, curated with care, brings you the top options for 2024, each assessed for features, pricing, and user satisfaction. As you move forward, consider how these platforms can integrate with your current systems, automate repetitive tasks, and ultimately elevate your customer support experience. Your decision will not only impact your support team's daily operations but also shape the overall satisfaction of your customers and employees alike.


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