Improve ticket management with Queues

Create custom queues for quick access to desired tickets.


Find relevant tickets easily

using Queues

  • Actions and responses unified
  • Quick application
  • Quick Access

    With queues, you can easily find tickets that you are looking for. Switch between unresponded tickets, tickets assigned to you or even create your own custom queues.

  • Cleaner Segregation

    Create custom queues to segregate tickets based on priority and criticality. For example, you can have a custom queue for high priority tickets that are due today.

We have several online stores with different policies, canned templates are essential for our use.

James Chavez
Customer Service Manager, Sheikh Shoes

  • Shared & Personal Queues

    Create ticket queues that can be accessed by your entire team or custom queues for yourself.

  • Nifty Overview

    The number of tickets that match the queue conditions are shown upfront to help you prioritise your work better.

  • Smart Assignment
  • NIfty overview
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