HappyFox - Pipedrive CRM integration - Have a clear overview of your sales and support pipeline.

Pipedrive is a cloud based CRM that helps you to manage your contacts, track your leads and close your deals.

Are you a Pipedrive customer, looking to connect the dots between sales and customer support?

With Happyfox - Pipedrive Integration, you can access the Pipedrive customer information from the HappyFox interface.

  • View your customer information from Pipedrive in HappyFox while creating ticket, answering an existing ticket and viewing contact profile.
  • Have all ticket updates from HappyFox pushed to Pipedrive as activity against Contact or Organization.
  • Bridge the gap between sales and support teams.

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Why Pipedrive?

This integration makes the perfect mixture as Pipedrive completely takes over your sales efforts just the way HappyFox takes over your support.

Holistic view of customer information from Pipedrive CRM on HappyFox help desk software

The complete Help desk CRM integration.

  • Your sales agent can now see tickets that are bothering their contacts right within Pipedrive.
  • Use your support data along with the sales data to up sell.