MS Dynamics & HappyFox. Bridge the gap between your sales & support teams.

Dynamics, an enterprise CRM solution from Microsoft that helps manage customer engagement.

Leverage customer data on your CRM not just to boost sales but also provide contextual customer support.

Use data to improve customer engagement.

  • View customer contact information from MS Dynamics on your HappyFox ticket.
  • View HappyFox support tickets as cases against Accounts and Contacts on MS Dynamics CRM.
  • Bridge the gap between sales and support teams.

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Why MS Dynamics CRM?

It is the most preferred and popular CRM among our customers. MS Dynamics CRM helps thousands of companies in planning, tracking and executing all their customer relationship management efforts.

 Holistic view of customer information from MS Dynamics CRM on HappyFox help desk software

The complete Help desk CRM integration.

  • With customer information from MS Dynamics available on your HappyFox ticket, treat priority customers better, and provide better customer support experience.
  • Spend more time solving customer problems and building trust than shifting between apps.
  • Use support data to identify new opportunities to improve sales.

Capitalize on this integration to attract customers, grow sales and provide better support.