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Equip yourself with the HappyFox Cloud Call Center Software to take on the challenge of Customer Support. HappyFox help desk has powerful features, integrations, and automation to provide a complete customer support experience.

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Why HappyFox Help Desk?

HappyFox Helpdesk is a ticketing solution with all the robust features you need in a contact center software.

We have put together some of the features in HappyFox which makes it a good alternative to legacy cloud call center software at an affordable price. So, if you are in the lookout for a Contact center platform, check out the features offered by HappyFox before you make a decision.

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Omnichannel Support for Your Cloud Contact Center

Omnichannel support is key to any cloud-based call center software. HappyFox provides two-way sync with multiple communication channels like social media, phone, live chat, REST APIs, forms, etc. to address support queries.

Explore Omnichannel Customer Support → Omnichannel Support for Your Cloud Contact Center

Robust Phone Channel Support

HappyFox offers full-fledged integrations with RingCentral and AirCall cloud telephony software.

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Inbound and Outbound calls

You can receive inbound calls, right within HappyFox and also make outbound calls from for a specific ticket.

Dialer with Country Code

If you are making an outbound call outside of a ticket, you can punch in the phone number to make outbound calls. Country code is also supported, for dialing international calls.

IVR Support

RingCentral and AirCall's Interactive Voice Response Setup allows you to channel your customers through IVR before the call rings inside HappyFox.

Add Call Notes

Call Notes help you to differentiate a regular update from a call summary update. You can later report on the call notes separately as well.

Have Structured Conversations With Agent Scripts

Agents scripting assists agents in every step of troubleshooting and empowers agents in your call center to troubleshoot issues with minimal agent training.

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Agent Scripts for Any Scenario

Agent scripts help you to define a step-by-step guide which your agents can use for troubleshooting customer issues in a methodical and optimal way.

Capture Form Fields

Capture structured data by using agent script fields and automatically update your custom fields.

Resolve Support Issues Faster

Boost your First Call Resolution (FCR) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score, by resolving support queries faster and in a reliable manner.

Save new agent training time

Agent scripting can guide your team through the call flow, you can save a lot of time on training your new agents on every possible request type and appropriate responses.

Improving Customer Experience with Satisfaction Surveys

The Survey module in HappyFox allows you to capture customer satisfaction with a three-point scale. You can measure customer experience by running agent wise or customer wise CSAT reports on the survey responses received. Realtime reports on CSAT helps you improve customer engagement and measure agent performance.

Learn more about Satisfaction Surveys → Learn more about Satisfaction Surveys

Auto Assignment Based on Skills, Rules,
Ticket Load, and More!

To boost agent productivity and also to avoid cherry-picking, Auto Assignment helps in routing tickets to the right agents in a balanced way.

With round-robin or online agent-based routing algorithms, workforce management has never been easier. Auto Assignment can be understood as a post-call routing of tickets for follow-ups and closures, similar to ACD (Automatic Call Distributors).

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Your Personal,
Mobile Help Desk

It is no longer a luxury to have a cloud contact center on the move, to provide instant support to customers. With Android and iOS mobile apps for HappyFox, you can reply to tickets, leave private notes and update ticket fields with ease.

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Learn more about Satisfaction Surveys

Self-Service on the Cloud

HappyFox has an end user-facing self-service module. This module helps you to create and publish knowledge base articles, white papers, and videos.

The HappyFox support center helps your customers resolve issues by themselves, thereby reducing the load on your support team by deflecting calls and tickets. Additionally, you can customize the self-service module by changing the colors, logo, adding more links, featuring articles, etc. to suit your brand. It is also worth noting that the self-service module is mobile-optimized.

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Recording, Tracking, and Monitoring

For both the cloud and on-premise call center software, it is important to log all call information, record calls and also aggregate for better analysis and quality management.

With HappyFox, you can store your call recordings and metadata about each call, call durations, resolution, etc for future audits.

You can also use automation inside the helpdesk to perform actions based on the message body of the call logs.

Real-time Reporting & Analytics

A Cloud Contact Center solution with live reporting and analytics is hard to come by. With HappyFox, you can create custom reports and drill down to a single ticket level to identify patterns and improve your customer communications.

As a service provider, you can monitor your inflow and agent performance to do better workforce optimization. You can also export HappyFox data for further drill-downs, or use our brand new Business Intelligence solution to get more advanced insights on your helpdesk performance.

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Integrate with CRMs

CRM software is most suited to track the customer journey. With HappyFox cloud call center solution and CRM integrations, like the ones with Salesforce, SugarCRM, InfusionSoft, Microsoft Dynamics, etc., you can see more contextual data about your customer right within HappyFox.

Additionally, your customer interactions inside HappyFox can also be pushed over as cases to the CRM. Salesforce and MS Dynamics integrations also allow you to create leads inside the CRM automatically from HappyFox.

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Contact Center on the Cloud

HappyFox is a cloud solution hosted on AWS. This means, with a stable internet connection and HappyFox running on your browser, you can provide customer care from anywhere any time and improve your customer relationships by tending to their business needs. It is also worth noting that we have both the US and EU region data centers.

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