HappyFox & other help desk Companies

Presenting a practical alternative to the Zendesk vs Desk race.

Compare HappyFox help desk with other major help desk companies to find out which one suits you

If you are comparing help desk software or looking to switch from one of the big names, you are on the right page.

So, is this a snooty effort to bash the best help desk companies in the industry? Not at all. By seeing HappyFox in the light of help desk competitors, your decision making gets easier and data driven.

HappyFox Help Desk Comparison With

HappyFox is the simplest of all the ticketing systems around. I will never use any other system ever!

Jason Armstrong, ORD Capital

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Light and clear pricing

Pay per ticket, Pay per feature, Pay per day, Pay for features you do not want – do they sound familiar? Breaking you away from this haze, HappyFox sits light on your computer and wallet - you being a Startup or a small, mid sized or a large business.

So unlike the other help desk companies

You get a secure help desk with SSL integration and 24*7 support at no extra cost, irrespective of the pricing plan you are on.

Unbiased, user driven comparison of help desk software. HappyFox gives your business an option to look beyond Zendesk vs Desk

Integral to you. Integrated with the best

Your favourite CRM, live chat, email, voice, and accounting apps work seamlessly on HappyFox help desk, in that sense, isn’t it an ecosystem in making?

Usability is our approach to productivity

HappyFox is intuitive, fast and, in the words of Mashable
“a beautifully designed app”. With your learning curve going leanest, simplicity of HappyFox makes the lives of your support staff more productive than ever.