Custom Fields Report

Drill down your help desk tickets using Custom Fields Report. View count of tickets for each value of the custom fields that matter to you.

An Aggregated View of Tickets

Aggregate Tickets by Custom Field values

Identify popular Request Types, Incidents or Faulty Products using an aggregated view of tickets by custom fields.

Choose the Custom Fields to Report On

Pick the custom fields to report on, leaving out the rest. Keep your reports focussed on solving key problems first.

An Aggregated View of Tickets
An Aggregated View of Tickets

Manage Custom Fields better

Identify which custom field values are least used; Which custom fields are not being filled and improve support processes.

Identify Custom Field Value Trends

View custom field value data by time. For instance, identify which error type is gaining popularity and preemptively fix them.

An Aggregated View of Tickets

Report on Contact Custom Fields

Dissect your ticket data by contact custom fields, to identify which class of customers create most tickets.

An Aggregated View of Tickets