Smart Rules Report

Automate your help desk by monitoring and optimizing your smart rules performance. Automate repetitive actions and track how much manual
effort was saved.

An Aggregated View of Tickets

Side-by-side comparison of Smart Rules

Run Experiments, Compare your smart rules and Optimize your support workflow automation.

Count of Triggers and Actions

View not only how many times Smart Rule acted on tickets, but how many tickets the Smart Rule actually verified.

An Aggregated View of Tickets
An Aggregated View of Tickets

Identify the Most Automated Action

Each smart rule can perform one action. Hence, using the reports, you can identify which action was automated the most.

View Smart Rule Usage by Time

View trends of Smart Rule trigger across time. Identify obsolete smart rules and prune your automation setup.

An Aggregated View of Tickets

Filter by Date Range and Categories

Filter tickets using the date range and categories to monitor Smart rules for certain departments alone for a given period.

An Aggregated View of Tickets