A Customer Service Management Software That Promises Retention

A customer support tool that helps redefine your customer service and ensure customer loyalty

Good customer service comes from connecting well with customers, building lasting relationships with them, understanding their needs and serving them in a timely way. HappyFox customer service software is the best solution for all your customer service needs, as it manages your responses to customers, maintains contacts and gives you complete control over your customer service.

“Using HappyFox, we can now support our 200+ sites with a staff of three! Enough said.”

Matt Pendergraff

Clean Interface

Make customer service a lot simpler by using the clean HappyFox interface to track tickets and view all email, voice and live chat communication on your ticket. Assign tickets to concerned agents and view all tickets with their status on the dashboard.

Language Support

HappyFox is not just a regular customer support application, but is also a multilingual help desk. HappyFox supports 35 languages that include French, Spanish, Dutch, German and Portuguese and is a complete package for your support no matter what language you serve your customers in.

Custom Preferences

Create statuses that suit your tickets best and also personalize customer service by viewing most recently added tickets with both description and owner to decide priority.

Custom Fields

Create unlimited custom fields for tickets and contacts. Choose from text, number or multiple selection field types, build dependency levels and make your customer support an optimized process that is devoid of any difficulties.

Internal Communication and Collaboration Tool

Take customer service a notch above by marking important tickets and receiving notifications, use the HappyFox private notes feature to discuss internally among support agents regarding issues and make sure that no ticket response gets delayed.

Knowledge Base Content Management System

Create your own knowledge base with all the articles required for self-service. With the search and browse features, finding relevant articles is a breeze. Achieve customer service without having to expend any work from your support agents.

Personalized Customer Service

Using the Magento Integration, personalize your customer service by bringing in all the billing and shipping information from your eCommerce website onto your HappyFox ticket and utilize the data to provide swift and personalized customer service.

Remote Customer Service

Bring complete customer satisfaction by delivering top class customer service right on your customer’s machine without having to move from yours. With HappyFox-LogMeIn Integration, remote customer support has never been easier. Access your customer’s machine and fix issues with ease.

Social Media Customer Service

Using our Facebook Integration, give your business the competitive edge with Social media support. HappyFox converts private messages on your Facebook page into tickets that you can prioritize and respond to, which in turn will go as replies to your customer’s Facebook message.

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