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Utilize forum threads to help customers help each other and connect

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With this intuitive discussion platform, encourage active customer collaboration, create and curate content and build customer loyalty. Your customers can learn collaboratively by discussing with other customers/peers and gain knowledge as well as resolutions for issues on an immediate basis.

Customer driven support Reduce support costs by helping customers answer each others' questions. Gather feedback from customers and save time for your support agents by allowing them to address multiple customers with similar issues, at one go

To strengthen your support process, establish an internal forum for peers to help staff and discuss issues confidentially

online community discussion software
forum admin access control and notification settings

Notifications and PermissionsTopic owners can manage permissions to decide whether your customers or visitors can view or reply to the thread.

Reply notifications on threads bring prompt attention of staff and owner into the conversation, so queries are responded to and addressed instantly.

Switch ViewsCustomers can choose to view all trending forum posts in the community, or only their own posts to manage replies and look for solutions.

switch between all posts and your posts
With forum status your customers can now easily find the right answers for their queries

Forum post statusWhen viewing a forum post, see the number of replies on the post. Also, the 'Answered' status on a post allows your customers to find answers to their issues from existing forum discussions.

Share on Social MediaYour users can share forum responses on social media, thus letting more people know about announcements, solutions etc.

share forum replies and threads on social media platforms

Build a thriving online free-sharing community for your customers and construct working relationships. Encourage them to visit your website and discuss threads more often, and generate fresh content that can be referenced for the future.

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