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Support your tickets with screencast.
Using Screenr Integration

Screenr is a web based screen recorder app that makes it a breeze to create and
share your screencasts around the web.

Still writing long paragraphs and attaching dozens of screenshots for a demo?

Simplify your support by creating and sharing screencasts. With the Screenr HappyFox help desk Integration.

  • Take screen capture videos right off your ticket reply page
  • Empower customers to add screencasts of their issues
  • Enable faster resolution of issues
  • Reduce communication gaps
  • Eliminate need for calls/long emails

Why Screenr?

Screenr is all about making creating and sharing of screencasts for easier understanding and
combined with HappyFox, makes for providing the complete customer support experience.

Enhance  customer support by recording screencasts on your help desk

Create perfect demos without having to install or
download any extra software

Make it simpler for your customers to show your
support staff what the issue is

Improve quality of technical customer support
with this Help desk - Screencast integration.

HappyFox help desk ScreenR screencast integration

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