HappyFox - Mandrill Integration
Complete control over your mail

Manage and send transactional emails right from your help desk

Zapier Integration
HappyFox is help desk software solution with an inbuilt support ticket system that simplifies customer support

How awesome would it be if you were able to send emails from Mandrill just by creating or
updating a ticket on HappyFox? The Mandrill HappyFox integration gives you the extra edge of creating tickets on HappyFox even for a new catch hook on Mandrill. Allow your business to grow by saving time and improving your marketing efficiency

Mandrill - HappyFox
  • New catch hook on Mandrill will create a new ticket on HappyFox.
HappyFox - Mandrill
  • New ticket on HappyFox will send email on Mandrill.
  • New ticket on HappyFox will create a send template on Mandrill

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